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Neste Oil is a Finnish public company dealing with oil refining, manufacturing of biofuels and bioplastics, as well as retail trade of oil products. It was founded in 1948 in Espoo, Finland to ensure a stable supply of oil to Finland. In 1998, the firm, having merged with Imatran Voima conglomerate, formed a new company, Fortum. Nevertheless, in 2004 Neste Oil was furnished in an independent company in order to deal with Fortum’s oil business. In 2018, the net profit of Neste Oil reached the level of 1,42 billion euros.

The logo, its meaning, and history

Logo Neste Oil

At the outset of the company’s history, the logo was formed by its name in block letters “NESTE”. To the left of the wordmark was an emblem made in the shape of an inclined diamond. The diamond was divided in the middle; its lower part was painted in cerulean blue, while the upper part was green. The letters of the wordmark were written in black.

After the company was split from Fortum, the logo it used was concise and simple. It contained just its name “NESTE OIL” in deep cobalt blue tone. The letter “O” has a sharp upper right corner that made it look like an oil drop.

The current logo was introduced In June 2010. It consists of the trademark name ¨Neste¨ and an emblem that is easily recognizable on all the gas stations of the company. The emblem depicts two silhouettes of liquid drops. The bigger one is made in bright shamrock green colour and serves as a background for the second smaller drop drawn in light cobalt blue; the area where the small drop is overlapping the lower one is made in white. The meaning of the emblem goes back to the company’s name “Neste”, which means “liquid” in Finnish. It also symbolizes the oil products sold by the firm.

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According to the company’s policy, the logo represents the symbol of the efforts that Neste undertakes to ensure that its work has the minimal possible adverse impact on the natural environment of the countries where it operates and on the local community. As the official site states, Neste undertakes projects “to promote the quality of people’s lives”. For instance, the company’s Renewable Diesel is produced using 100 percent renewable ingredients and that cuts greenhouse gas discharge up to 90 per cent in comparison with traditional diesel.