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FxPro is the name of the trading Forex Platform, which was established in 2006. Today the company operates in more than 150 countries all over the globe and has numerous trading tools that are considered to be one of the most progressive on the current trading market.

Meaning and history

FxPro Logo history
FxPro is a broker, which is offering services to traders and investors since 2006. The company is registered in Cyprus and works under several regulators: CySEC, SCB, FSCA, and FCA.

FxPro is a successful developing financial company working in 170 world countries. It has about 70 different awards, including Best Trading Platform, Best Forex Trading Platform. Many tools from the developers of FXPro are also called one of the most progressive.

In terms of visual identity design, FxPro is pretty direct and conservative, although all of the badges, created for the platform, have always evoked a sense of power and progressiveness.

2006 – 2012

FxPro Logo 2006
The initial logo was introduced in 2006 and stayed with the broker for six years. It was a bold red “FxPro” wordmark in a sleek serif typeface placed on a white background with a thin black tagline saying the motto of the company “Trade Forex Like a Pro”. The motto was executed in the same typeface but with thin lines and smaller letters. It was simple yet elegant and strong.

2012 – 2021

FxPro Logo 2012
The redesign of 2012 reversed the colors of the badge, making the lettering white and placing it on a horizontally stretched solid red rectangular banner. The typeface was refined and became straighter and sharper. The bottom line of the badge became even thinner and almost invisible now.

2021 – Present

FxPro Logo
In 2021 the FxPro logo was emboldened and strengthened. The red color of the background got a deeper and calmer shade, and the white lettering switched its typeface and became more visible and stable. The bottom motto line was now set in full-shaped sans-serif, balancing the elegance of the upper level of the logotype.


The FxPro logo features two different typefaces. The first line is given in a serif type with varying widths of the strokes, while the type of the second line is a sans serif one. Both of them have traditional proportions providing decent legibility.

Company overview

Forex logo

FxPro is a Forex broker in the CFD and Spread Betting market in the U.K. The history of the company started in 2006. In 2017, Global Brands Magazine ranked it the country’s most trusted Forex brand. The company works in over 170 countries, while the number of client accounts exceeds 870,000.