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Ameriprise is a financial corporation from the USA which provides various services, such as planning, insurance, and management. The company was a stable shed in 1894 and today operates worldwide.

Meaning and history

Ameriprise Logo history

Ameriprise Financial is one of the largest American financial corporations that provides banking, insurance, and asset management services to companies and individuals. The company with a long and intense history today has its representative offices in various contours across the globe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, France, and others.

The history of Ameriprise Financial dates back to the end of the 19th century when the Investors Syndicate was established in 1894 in Minnesota. The company was established by John Tappan, the head ofa group of American entrepreneurs and financiers. In 1925 the Syndicate merged with the Ridgway investment company, and by 1937, the corporation has expanded its range of services and began working on mortgage lending. Three years later the first mutual fund was organized.

In 1979 the syndicate merged with Alleghany Corporation. And in its present form, Ameriprise Financial appeared in 2005 after a major modernization. As a result, the investment and brokerage divisions, which previously were part of American Express Financial Advisors, joined the holding.

What is Ameriprise?
Ameriprise is an American holding company based in Minnesota that provides financial services in the United States and abroad. As an independent company, Ameriprise Financial has been in business since 2005, before which it was part of Investors Syndicate, founded in 1894.

1967 – 1999

Ameriprise Logo 1967
The Ameriprise logo hasn’t changed much over its history. If you compare the 1967 logo with the current one, you’ll notice they look pretty similar.
The most notable difference is the palette. Also, the old logo included the lettering “Paul A. Pouliot & Associates.”

1999 – 2008

Ameriprise Logo 1999
The next version also looks very much like the current one. Here, the original color scheme was inverted (the lettering was white, while the background was dark gray). The text below disappeared.

2008 – Today

Ameriprise logo

The Ameriprise visual identity is strict and laconic, yet reflects a powerful company perfectly. The logo is composed of a wordmark set in two levels and an emblem on its right.

The inscription is executed in a classic serif font with the upper “Ameriprise” in a bolder and more square shape, and the bottom “Financial” italicized.

The “Ameriprise” part features bigger and wider letters, which look confident and strong, while the smaller “Financial” adds elegance and softness to the logo. A bright and sophisticated symbol, which is minimalist yet meaningful.

The Ameriprise emblem is a bold blue circle with an eight-pointed star in white, one of the star’s peaks is replaced with an arrow, pointing right and upwards. It is a symbol of progress and innovation, as well as a tribute to America and its heritage.

The royal blue and white color palette of the Ameriprise insignia represents the company as professional and reliable, it also shows the authority and expertise, evoking a sense of loyalty and trust.

Font and Color

The classy elegant lettering from the primary Ameriprise Financial logo is set in a bold serif typeface with thick smooth lines of the characters decorated by thin elongated serifs on their ends. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Charlotte Serif Medium, or Skema Pro Display Medium, but with some minor modifications of the letters’ contours.

As for the color palette of Ameriprise Financial’s visual identity, it is based on a deep and calm shade of blue, which represents stability and professionalism, and shows the company as a reliable and trustworthy one, with the customers’ comfort and protection as the number one values.