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Ameriprise is a financial corporation from the USA which provides various services, such as planning, insurance, and management. The company was a stable shed in 1894 and today operates worldwide.

Meaning and history

Ameriprise Logo history

1967 – 1999

Ameriprise Logo 1967

1999 – 2008

Ameriprise Logo 1999

2008 – Today

Ameriprise logo

The Ameriprise visual identity is strict and laconic, yet reflects a powerful company perfectly. The logo is composed of a wordmark set in two levels and an emblem on its right.

The inscription is executed in a classic serif font with the upper “Ameriprise” in a bolder and more square shape, and the bottom “Financial” italicized.

The “Ameriprise” part features bigger and wider letters, which look confident and strong, while the smaller “Financial” adds elegance and softness to the logo. A bright and sophisticated symbol, which is minimalist yet meaningful.

The Ameriprise emblem is a bold blue circle with an eight-pointed star in white, one of the star’s peaks is replaced with an arrow, pointing right and upwards. It is a symbol of progress and innovation, as well as a tribute to America and its heritage.

The royal blue and white color palette of the Ameriprise insignia represents the company as professional and reliable, it also shows the authority and expertise, evoking a sense of loyalty and trust.