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Funko, Inc. is a renowned American company, best known for producing licensed pop culture collectibles. Founded by Mike Becker in 1998, the company’s primary line, the “Pop!” vinyl figures, has gained immense popularity worldwide. These collectibles often depict characters from various realms including movies, television, video games, and more. The company’s ownership has changed hands over the years, with Brian Mariotti currently serving as its CEO. With its headquarters in Everett, Washington, Funko has expanded its reach, boasting operations not just in the U.S., but globally. Their products have become collectors’ favorites and are often associated with fan conventions and pop culture events.

Meaning and history

Funko Logo history

Established in 1998 by Mike Becker, Funko has since grown to be a dominant player in the realm of pop culture merchandise. This American company quickly gained traction with its “Pop!” vinyl figures, creating a sensation among fans and collectors alike. These figures have celebrated a plethora of characters from various genres, making Funko a household name among enthusiasts. Over the years, the company’s portfolio has broadened, encompassing plush toys, bobbleheads, and other merchandise. Under the leadership of Brian Mariotti, who took over in 2005, Funko’s prominence has surged, with its products now widely recognized on an international scale. As of the present day, Funko stands as a symbol of pop culture, its collectibles revered by fans globally, and it continues to innovate, capturing the essence of popular media through its iconic creations.

What is Funco?
Funko is an American company celebrated for producing licensed pop culture collectibles, particularly their renowned “Pop!” vinyl figures. Established in 1998 by Mike Becker, these figures represent characters from movies, TV shows, games, and beyond. With its dedication to capturing the essence of popular media, Funko has become an emblematic name in the world of fandom and collectibles.

1998 – 2006

Funko Logo 1998

A whimsical representation, this “Funko” logo is characterized by playful typography that exudes dynamism. Its disjointed, slightly tilted letters introduce an element of quirkiness, embodying a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Atop the ‘F’, a stylized crown stands proud, suggesting a regal dominance in its domain. The logo’s monochromatic palette adds an elegant touch to the overall jovial design.

2006 – 2015

Funko Logo 2006

This variation of the “Funko” logo relies on bold, block letters that command attention. There’s a sense of stability and confidence radiating from the design. Like its predecessor, there is a crown at the top, symbolizing excellence and perfection.

2015 – now

Funko Logo

Evoking an air of sophistication, this rendition of the “Funko” logo employs a flowing, cursive script. The fluidity of the font suggests creativity and flair. As with the other versions, the crown remains a central figure, denoting prestige and leadership. Only in the updated design, the crown has moved to the letter “O”. This design manages to harmoniously combine elegance with fun, staying true to the essence of the brand.