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FREEDOMDAY is the name of clothing brand, which was created by the famous Max Moda fashion group in 2014. The brand is specialized in the production of outerwear, such as drown-coats and quilted jackets.

Meaning and history


FREEDOMDAY is the Italian fashion label, which is based in Cardano al Campo, a town and commune in the province of Varese, Lombardy. It is a sub-brand of the famous Max Moda fashion group and was created for manufacturing outerwear, mainly down coats and jackets.

The collection of women’s and men’s jackets are known to be manufactured with only high-quality components — fur, down, and fabrics. But the main distinctive feature of the brand’s items is their lining. Jackets and coats from the Italian label can be easily distinguished from the competitors’ products by brightly printed inner parts.

Today FREEDOMDAY coats are successfully sold in 850 major stores around the world. By the way, the Max Moda has been producing outerwear for the world’s leading luxury brands for more than 40 years. This colossal and long experience in this area allowed the company to produce warm parkas under its own brand FREEDOMDAY.


FREEDOMDAY is the Italian brand of outerwear, created in 2014 by Max Moda Group, which owns several fashion brands. The brand specializes in warm and comfortable jackets, down jackets, parkas, manufactured with the best materials and technologies. At the same time, things of the brand have a trademark Italian temperament and elegance.

In terms of visual identity, the Italian fashion brand is modest yet strong. The badge is composed of an uppercase logotype in a monochrome color palette, which brilliantly balanced the main distinctive feature of the FREEDOMDAY products, — the colorful lining.

2014 – Today

Freedomday logo

The FREEDOMDAY logo is pretty simple yet memorable and eye-catching. The centerpiece of the design is the name of the brand, which is given in bold sans serif type. All the letters are capitalized and have a pretty generic shape. The letters of the inscription are placed very close to each other but do not touch the neighbor’s borders.

As for the typeface, the logotype of the brand is executed in a bold font, which is pretty similar to such iconic types as Zurich Std Bold and Ultimate Serial Bold.

The word “FREEDOMDAY” is placed inside a bright red rectangle. The letters on the primary logo are white but their color can be changed according to the visual context in which the design is placed.