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Foot Shop is an e-commerce business, established in 2011 in Prague. The e-store offers a wide range of sneakers and urban footwear of all the most popular world’s brands. The company had both online and offline selling spots and serves clients across the globe through its website.

Meaning and history

Foot Shop Logo history

Peter Hajducek, inspired by his love for sneakers and urban lifestyle, founded Footshop in 2011. The company began with a modest inventory but saw a significant leap in 2015 when it joined the adidas Consortium, allowing it to offer limited collections of adidas sneakers, including the YEEZY collection by Kanye West. This membership also enabled partnerships with other world-renowned brands like Vans, Reebok, and Puma, propelling Footshop into the global spotlight. Over the years, Footshop established a strong market presence in the Czech and Slovak regions, continuously expanding its brand partnerships and store locations. In 2016, it opened a second store in Bratislava, following the success of its Prague store. The company also ventured into clothing collections and participated in international sneaker events, further establishing its reputation in the streetwear community. As of 2023, Footshop continues to grow rapidly, with its operations expanding every three months. Besides its business success, Footshop extends its support to global causes, such as supporting Ukraine during a war in 2023.

2012 – 2020

Foot Shop Logo 2012

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is built around iconic shoes — sneakers. The unique logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark in it.

The emblem depicts a sneaker, pointing right, showing direction — forward. It is a symbol of movement, growth, and development, along with as a representation of the company’s main purpose and the shoes, the business started from — sneakers.

The nameplate is written inside the shoe, with all the letters of different sizes, forming the body of the sneaker.

The monochrome color palette of the e-commerce platform’s visual identity makes the complicated and intense logo look simpler and stronger, accenting on modernity and professionalism of the brand and its expertise.

2020 – Today

Foot Shop Logo

The logo showcased here exudes a blend of avant-garde aesthetics and intricate detailing. At first glance, one might observe the prominent “FOOTSHOP” wordmark, styled in bold, sans-serif typography. However, as the eyes meander, they are immediately caught by the distinctive linear elements that intersect and intertwine with the lettering, creating an almost abstract art piece. The integration of these lines not only heightens the visual interest but suggests a sense of motion and connectivity, adding depth to an otherwise straightforward wordmark.

The intertwining lines crisscross through the letters in a seemingly random pattern, yet there is a clear intentionality behind their placement. They evoke images of laces threading through shoes, creating a subtle nod to the brand’s association with footwear. The choice of black on a stark white background emphasizes contrast and clarity, ensuring the design stands out and remains memorable.

In essence, this logo goes beyond mere typography and ventures into the realm of symbolism. The dynamic linear elements, while artistically captivating, also tell a story of intricacy, craftsmanship, and perhaps the interconnected journey of a shopper. It’s a contemporary take on branding, blending the boundaries between art and commerce.


Foot Shop Logo1

On some of the versions, there is additional lettering, placed under the emblem. “Sneaker Store” in all capitals is executed in a traditional clean sans-serif typeface, which the “Sneaker” part in bolder style.

The typeface is pretty close to Blooming, a geometric sans-serif with simple shapes and straight cuts of the letters. The inscription adds seriousness and stability to the whole logo, which is very playful and vivid.


The Eastern European e-commerce platform offers probably one of the biggest selections of sneakers online. Thousands of models for men, women, and kids from all the world’s most famous brands of footwear and sports apparel, along with activewear and accessories.

The website gives you an opportunity to shop by brand or by season and has everything ready for your shopping to be as comfortable and easy as possible. You can shop in one of the 15 languages and get immediate client support on the platform.

The company offers an international delivery, which you can track, along with a safe and convenient payment system. There is also a wide range of deals and discounts, constantly running on the site and special offers for new clients. The online retailer of sneakers and sportswear does its best for its customers to enjoy the shopping process and the products they are purchasing.