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The logo of the Flowserve Corporation translates the brand’s name and core promise in the visual language.

What is the symbol of Flowserve Corporation?
The symbol of Flowserve Corporation is an abstract element, composed of two arched lines, placed around the bold uppercase logotype, and dividing it into two parts. These lines represent the essence and purpose of the company, which is engaged in the production of pumps and valves; thus symbolizing the motion of fluid and energy.

Meaning and history

To understand the Flowserve logo, it is essential to know the company specializes in such products as pumps, valves, end face mechanical seals, which the corporate website refers to as “fluid motion control solutions.”

Flowserve Logo

This phrase perfectly fits the words “flow” and “serve” in the name of the company. And this is where the wave logo comes from. The two curves seen above and below the wordmark are parts of the metaphor symbolizing the “fluid motion” or “flow.”


We should add that the type in the Flowserve logo is not as streamlined as the “flow” theme suggests. And yet, it can be interpreted as the representation of the functional, reliable machines made by the brand.

Logo Flowserve

Company overview

Flowserve Corporation is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and operated in over 55 countries. The number of employees is more than 18,000.

The corporation is known as a supplier of industrial and environmental machinery and aftermarket services to the power, oil, gas, chemical, and other industries.