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FlipaClip is a powerful and fun tool that makes it easy to create frame-by-frame animations. FlipaClip’s flexible interface is ideal for drawing and animating. The intuitive controls are easy enough to learn, yet powerful enough to realize your creative ideas.

Meaning and history

FlipaClip Logo history

FlipaClip is a program perfect for beginners in the field of animation and drawing. One of the best applications for drawing animated cartoons created on Android and iOS, with rich functionality, with which, with skill and knowledge, you can create professional cartoons.

The application was created by Visual Blasters LLC studio, which has previously delighted users with a line of XiiaLive programs designed for listening to Internet radio.

The application will help you easily create animated cartoon animations using the principle of frame-by-frame shooting. You can also add additional effects to your animations using an overlay grid, as well as create flipbook-type animations from your own sketches. The files can be saved in GIF and MP4 video formats and immediately shared on social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

FlipaClip is based on the principle of “flipping” frames. In many ways it reminds of the old trick of creating cartoons on sheets of notepad or notebook – you draw pictures, making small changes in each next one. Each picture is on a separate page, and when you flip them quickly, they create the effect of a moving image. When you finish editing, you just need to press the view key and evaluate the result.

The developers have tried to design the application so that even a child can quickly get used to it. Thanks to the clear design, simple interface, and advanced functionality, you can realize even the most elaborate ideas in this editor.

What is FlipaClip?
FlipaClip is the name of a popular application, created in 2012 by Visual Blasters LLC. The app is a simple video editor that allows you to edit animated clips by yourself. FlipaClip is considered to be one of the most convenient animation applications for beginners.

In terms of visual identity, FlipaClip is super cool and unusual. The application has a hand-drawn logo, which looks like nothing else and is eye-catching and memorable, despite the calm and strict color palette it is executed.

2012 – 2016

FlipaClip Logo 2012

The original FlipaClip logo, introduced in 2012, featured two separate parts: the handwritten logotype, and a minimalistic hand-drawn emblem. This emblem depicted a vent-like element drawn inside an uneven circle on a white square with the pages bent in the bottom right corner. As for the logotype, it was written in black crayon, with massive title case characters, that were slightly jumping above the line.

2016 – Today

FlipaClip Logo

The redesign of 2016 has kept the initial style and idea of the FlipaClip logo, yet refined the contours of both elements and emboldened them, contrasting black and white even more strongly. The pages on the modified icon gained smoother gray shades, which created a more realistic and voluminous feeling.

Font and color

FlipaClip Emblem

The primary logo of the FlipaClip app is based on a handwritten wordmark, which has no commercial analogs. However, the closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, AZ Dude, or WhyFont.

As for the color palette of the FlipaClip visual identity, it is super minimalistic and is based on black and white, with some smooth gray gradients on the icon. This combination of colors works well, considering the app itself is designed for creativity and animation, which is usually super bright and delightful.

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