Visual Studio Logo

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Visual Studio Logo
Visual Studio is a Microsoft developed program, used for creating websites and mobile applications. The software was released in 2019 and is available in 13 languages, supporting more than 30 programming languages.

Meaning and history

Visual Studio Logo history

The iconic Visual Studio “infinity” logo was designed in 1997 and has undergone a few modifications throughout the years.

1997 — 2010

The first version of the Visual Studio logo was an infinity sign with a bold “X” in its center. The emblem featured orange and yellow as the main colors and green and blue as the additional ones. It was a bright and recognizable logo, which stayed with the brand for 13 years.

2010 — 2012

In 2010 the company decided to modify its visual identity and made the emblem smoother, also turning it a little. The color palette was changed to gradient blue and purple, which added a classy feeling to the logo.

2012 — 2019

Logo Visual Studio
The smooth rounded emblem was changed to a modern angular one in 2012. The color of the new logo was purple.
The emblem is still in use today as the secondary.

2019 — Today

Visual Studio Logo
In 2019 Microsoft redesigns all the Office programs’ icons using its new Fluent Design approach. The new Visual Studio emblem is a three-dimensional interpretation of the previous version with its angles softened.
The double loop of the Visual Studio identity looks contemporary and confident. Its purple color adds elegance and makes the logo memorable.