Adobe Acrobat Logo

Adobe Acrobat Logo

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF file managing software, developed by Adobe in 1993. The program enables preview and conversation of files, alongside their editing and exporting. Adobe Acrobat has its versions available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Meaning and history

Adobe Acrobat Logo history

The iconic Adobe Acrobat logo was designed in 1993 and has never left the software’s visual identity. There were some changes made to the color palette of the background, but the main symbol remained almost untouched.

The Adobe Acrobat emblem is a square with a red outline and a famous brand’s symbol inside. The symbol, which used to be colored in red on almost all the Adobe Acrobat logo versions, became white in 2015.

Adobe Acrobat Logo

And the current black, red and white color palette of the logo is a perfect representation of professional and strong software with a good reputation and millions of users all over the globe.

The Adobe Acrobat symbol is an elegant triangular figure with three loops instead of angles. It looks like a function in polar coordinates and resembles a letter “A”. It’s fine smooth lines make the logo instantly recognizable and timeless.