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Over its more than 370-year history, Fiskars has gone through various logotypes. One of the recurrent themes has been the crown, which has become a prototype for the current logo.

Meaning and history

The primary Fiskars logo is totally different from that of the Fiskars Group logo.

The brand’s logo represents its name given in an austere sans serif type. The type is rather light. What makes it somewhat unusual is that the letters are placed very close to each other. In the case of the “A” and “K,” they even stick together.

Logo Fiskars

Another distinctive touch is the orange color inspired by one of the company’s best-known products, the orange-handled scissors introduced in 1967.

Fiskars Group emblem

The list of logotypes the company has used includes the “FB” monogram inside an oval and the “FA” monogram without the oval, a double “O” (with and without a crown), an “F” topped with a curl and a crowned “F.” It is the latter that has been used as a source of inspiration for the current version.

The historic logo featured the “F” and a crown with three points. The designers have lifted the central point and lowered the other two. Below, they added a mirror reflection. The result was a shape that could be described as something in between a square and a four-pointed star. To introduce some dynamism, a white circle was added to the center.

Fiskars Logo

As the company explained in a press release, the icon symbolizes “the everyday extraordinary,” which reflects the band’s mission “Making the everyday extraordinary.”

The star on the Fiskars logo is colored neon green and placed between the words “Fiskars” and “Group.”

Company overview

Fiskars Group is based in Helsinki, Finland. Founded in 1649, it is the oldest business still operating in Finland.

The range of products the company produced has varied a lot. Today, it sells products for home, garden, outdoor activities, interior decoration, and table setting. The group owns several brands, from Fiskars to Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, and Waterford.