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Ferencvárosi is the name of a Hungarian football club, which was established in 1899 and today takes the leading positions in the National League. The club, nicknamed Green Eagles, is managed by Serhiy Rebrov and has Gabor Kubatov as the chairman.

Meaning and history

Ferencvárosi logo

The Hungarian football club hasn’t redesigned its badge for many years. It says a lot about their fundamentalist and conservative character and shows the value of heritage and quality.

The official club’s logo is built according to the main principles of the sports visual identity — it is minimalist, bright, and looks good on the team’s uniform.

The circular Ferencvarosi badge features a vertical green and white striped pattern, where each stripe is outlined in gold. The pattern is enclosed in a white rounded frame with a gold outline, where the main wordmark “Ferencvarosi Torna Club 1899” is written in thick golden sans-serif letters.

The center of the emblem there is another white element — a slightly arched banner with a gold outline and gold “BPEST.IX.K.” Inscription on it.

The three five-pointed stars in the same shade of gold are placed over the circular badge in order to celebrate the club’s winnings. In the bottom part of the shield, there is an abstract rounded green symbol with delicate white details is located, splitting the “1899” date mark into two parts.