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Dallas is the name of a football club from the United States, which was established in 1995 and is also known and The Toros or The Hoops. Today the club, owned by Clark and Dan Hunt has Luchi Gonzalez as the head coach and successfully playing in Major League Soccer.

Meaning and history

Dallas Logo history

The visual identity of the soccer club from Texas has a very short but interesting history. The club, founded under the name “Dallas Burn” has its first logo created in 1996, and changed it only in 2005, after being renamed to “FC Dallas”. Though there was only one redesign, it changed the badge completely, all the elements got a new life and the team’s horse mascot was replaced by a bull.

1996 — 2004

Dallas 1996

The emblem of Dallas Burn was composed of a black horse, outlined in green, with a red flame coming out of its mouth. The “Burn” wordmark in red capitals was placed on the horse’s bottom part, over its legs, stylized as the lighting bolt.

All the lines and contours of the animal were straight and sharp, representing the speed, power, and determination of the club. As for the inscription, executed in an ExtraBold custom sans-serif, it didn’t soften but only added to that “dangerous” and powerful mood of the whole image.

The black and red color palette of the original Dallas Burn visual identity reflected the team’s spirit and confidence, while the calm dark green shade of the outline stood for growth, life, and energy.

2005 — Today

Dallas logo

The club changed its name to FC Dallas in 2005 and the logo is being redesigned in the same year. Everything now is completely new: the shape, the color palette, and, of course, the mascot.

The powerful black horse is replaced by even a more powerful and masculine animal — a bull, which is executed in white and blue and placed in a blue and red sleek modern shield. The bull has a red flame symbol on its forehead and a white five-pointed star on its chest, to celebrate Texas, the homeland of the club, the state, known as the Lone Star State.

The “FC Dallas” inscription in all capitals is placed above the bull and executed in a sleek and strong sans-serif typeface, slightly arched along the shield’s frame.

The extended “96” in light gray is located between the main wordmark and the horns of the animal, celebrating the club’s establishment, and showing its value of the roots and heritage.

The new blue, white and red color palette of the FC Dallas logo is not only one of the most powerful color combinations, but is also a tribute to Texas and the United States, replicating the colors of the national flag and showing the club’s patriotic mood and determination.