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Far Cry 4 is an Ubisoft-developed game, which was released in 2014. The first shooter tells the story of a civil war in a fictional country. The game has its versions available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as for Windows operating system.

Meaning and history

The Far Cry 4 logo is executed in the same style as all the games’ of the Agar Cry series visual identity designs. It is simple, yet contemporary and recognizable, based on a custom typeface and universality, in order to allow placing it in the colorful background of the game’s covers and posters.

The Far Cry 4 wordmark in all capital letters are written in a custom bold sans-serif font with straight thick lines and distinct angles. The texture of the letters is slightly torn and erased, which makes the logo look unique and recognizable.

The color palette of the Far Cry 4 logo is composed of white and red, which is a powerful combination, symbolizing passion, energy, and loyalty. The white and red color scheme looks strong on a blue background of the game’s cover.

Unlike many other emblems, the brand makes the “4l a continuation of the logotype, it stands in the same line, executed in the same typeface and size, only the color is different. It looks minimalist yet very stylish.

Far Cry 4 logo

When used on the website or on printables, the lettering is colored black, with the “4” in red, and is placed on a white background. This option of the logo looks more professional and strong, evoking a sense of reliability and high quality of the graphics in the game.


Far Cry Font

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