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Devsisters Corporation, established in 2007 in South Korea, specializes in creating mobile gaming and entertainment applications, with a particular focus on the popular Cookie Run series. The series has evolved to include Cookie Run: Kingdom, which was launched worldwide on January 21, 2021, marking a new genre blend for the franchise by incorporating real-time battle strategy and city-building elements alongside its characteristic runner gameplay. This game, being Devsisters’ eighth in the series, broadens the player experience with a wide cast of unique characters known as “Cookies” and allows for kingdom customization, thereby offering a rich and engaging gameplay experience.

The company operates from its headquarters in Korea, and has expanded globally with five offices, three development studios, and an investment subsidiary branch. Besides gaming, Devsisters is venturing into new domains like animation and licensing, with the goal of diversifying and establishing a global presence in the entertainment domain.

Meaning and history

Cookie Run Kingdom Logo history

Devsisters Corporation was founded in 2007 and is recognized for its contributions to the mobile gaming sector, specifically through its Cookie Run franchise. With its headquarters in Korea, the company has made significant strides in the gaming industry, notably with the release of Cookie Run: Kingdom in 2021, which saw a remarkable pre-registration of over three million downloads, showcasing the game’s anticipation and the franchise’s enduring popularity.

The game presents a novel mix of real-time battle strategy, city-building, and role-playing, indicating a significant milestone in Devsisters’ creative evolution. This, along with other releases, has propelled Devsisters to a notable standing in the mobile gaming scene, showcasing its ability to innovate and capture a global audience.

Currently, Devsisters is not only maintaining its game development trajectory but also venturing into new fields like animation and licensing, showcasing a diversification in its business model. With a global operational footprint including five offices and three development studios, Devsisters is steadily advancing towards a broader entertainment domain, ensuring its growth and relevance in the ever-evolving digital entertainment landscape.

What is Cookie Run: Kingdom?
Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game developed by the South Korean company, Devsisters Corporation. Launched on January 21, 2021, this game is a unique blend of action role-playing, real-time battle strategy, and city-building, allowing players to engage in battles, build and customize their kingdoms. With a captivating narrative and a wide array of unique characters, known as Cookies, it offers an immersive gaming experience. It’s part of the larger Cookie Run franchise, which has been a notable success for Devsisters, aiding in its growth and global recognition in the mobile gaming sector.

2019 (pre-launch)

Cookie Run Kingdom Logo 2021

The Cookie Run: Kingdom logo presents a playful fusion of vibrant colors and imaginative elements. The typography, written in a bubbly, golden-yellow font, gives off a sense of adventure and whimsy. Accentuated with a radiant purple ribbon waving behind, it hints at a magical narrative. A sparkling purple star and a fancifully designed sword punctuate the scene, suggesting heroic endeavors within the kingdom. The intertwining of colors, symbols, and fonts results in a design that is both enchanting and captivating, promising users an epic journey in a mystical realm.

2021 – now

Cookie Run Kingdom Logo

Evoking regality and splendor, the “CookieRun Kingdom” logo in its red theme showcases a crown-topped, sumptuous red banner as its focal point. The golden-yellow lettering, embossed and gleaming, stands tall, reflecting the majesty and grandeur of a kingdom. Above, a jeweled crown brimming with colorful gemstones rests, symbolizing power, dominance, and the rule. The slight 3D shadowing adds depth, making the elements pop. This logo doesn’t just represent a game; it’s beckoning to a royal saga waiting to be explored by the player.

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