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Fallen is an American subculture fashion brand, specialized in design and production of footwear for skateboarding. The brand was established in 2003 and today is a part of Argentinian Town Connection group.

Meaning and history

Fallen logo

The Fallen logo is bright and strong, it consists of a wordmark and the brand’s emblem located beneath it, enclosed in a square.

The wordmark in all-caps is executed in classic sans-serif font, with thick straight-lined letters, spaced very close to each other. The uniqueness of the typeface is in the letters’ ends — they are slightly diagonally cut.

Logo Fallen

The Fallen emblem is composed of two capital letters “F”, which are mirrored and placed “back-to-back”, sharing one lower bar. The brand’s emblem became iconic among skaters, and is one of the most popular tattoo patterns.

The monochrome palette of the Fallen logo make it look strong and masculine, evoking the sense of stability and energy. It also allows brand to place its tag on different backgrounds.

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