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Expert International GmbH is a consumer electronics retail chain operating in 20 European countries plus South Africa. The number of stores surpasses 4.000 (as of 2020, according to the company’s official website). The chain is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

Meaning and history

Expert logo

The company was founded in 1967 under the name of the Intercop GmbH. It adopted the name Expert International GmbH in 1971.
There are quite a few unusual and interesting details in the Expert logo.
Let’s start with the wordmark. At first glance, it appears quite generic with its unpretentious sans serif glyphs, which are slightly bolder than average. Yet, you can notice unique and meaningful elements. For instance, the letter “x” seems to have been made up of two arrowheads facing one other. This approach adds some motion to the otherwise static design. Also, it resembles the symbols used on various devices for playing music. In this way, it hints at the type of business the Expert International GmbH is in.
The symbol next to the wordmark features a white circle housing a six-pointed star. The star is symmetrical and is formed by two triangles and two arrowheads. All the four shapes, in their turn, are made up of multiple parallel stripes (orange and white).
The combination of the arrowheads echoes the shape of the letter “x” in the wordmark. This is how the authors of the design emphasized the meaningfulness of the symbol, and also added visual rhythm to the logo.
We should add, however, that a six-pointed star (hexagram) already bears a heavy symbolic load. It has been known as the Star of David (one of the best-known Jewish symbols). It has been used in Indian religions, as well as by Christians and Muslims, to say nothing of the extensive use in heraldry, theosophy, and occultism. As a result, people are tempted to assume the Expert logo shows a link with one of the “hexagram” organizations.