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Eucerin is a body and face care products brand, which was established at the beginning of the 20th century in Germany. Although the real success has come to the skincare brand in the 1980s, after its acquisition by the German Beiersdorf AG. Today the products of Eucerin can be found in pharmacies and supermarkets all over the globe.

Meaning and history

The history of Eucerin began over a century ago when in 1900 Dr. Isaac Liftschutzl produced an ointment base with Eucerit, which is also known as Lanolin, as the main ingredient. The product got named Eucerin, and its formula was patented two years later, in 1902.

Since that time the brand has conducted a lot of scientific research, it has numerous patented developments, unique formulas, and more than ten lines of products for solving various skin problems. And all the research activity became available after the acquisition of Eucerin by Beiersdorf AG, which happened at the beginning of the 1980s.

All products of the brand are tested in special laboratories. Eucerin cosmetics are the ideal choice for people with skin problems. In 2012 the brand opened its own Research Institute in Hamburg. And it allows the company to create formulas, which can help people with skin problems. This is why Eucerin can be seen in almost all pharmacies across the globe — it does help.

Apart from the skin problem solution line, the Eucerin portfolio also contains moisturizers and cleansers for normal skin, and a wide range of SPF products, for both face and body.

What is Eucerin?

Eucerin is the German dermatocosmetic brand, which was first introduced in 1900, but got its second life in the 1980s after it was bought by Beiersdorf AG. The brand is known for facial and body care lines, as well as cleansing and sun-protection products.

As for the visual identity, Eucerin is modern and sharp. On the one hand, its logo is pretty minimalistic, but on the other — it reflects the character of the brand and its essence perfectly. The blue and red color palette is another strong point in the Eucerin badge. This combination of colors evokes a sense of passion and confidence.

2003 – Today

Eucerin Logo

The simplicity of the Eucerin logo has a slight “apothecary” effect. The wordmark featuring a minimalistic sans type could have belonged to a medicine. Partly, this effect is due to the fact that the first letter is capitalized, while all the others are lowercase, which is somewhat unusual for a logo.

Below, you can see a dark red triangle that helps to make the design more eye-catching. Although the triangle here is not just for decoration. Drawn as an arrowhead pointing down, it looks like it is targeting the problem on your skin, and the red color reflects its readiness to go and fix it.

Below, you can see a maroon triangle that helps to make the design more eye-catching.