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Catrice is a German cosmetics brand, which was established in 2004 and became popular all over the globe due to its “high quality at affordable prices” policy. Today the brand has its stores in almost all the European counties and has a subsidiary in the United States.

Meaning and history

The Catrice visual identity is based on the principles of simplicity and minimalism. Its text-based logo looks modest yet contemporary and strong and shows a professional company, with a lot of experience and rich expertise in the make-up industry.

The cosmetics brand logo is composed of a wordmark with a tagline, executed in two different typefaces in a monochrome color palette. The classic black and white combination of the brand colors represents the company at its best, showing the power and confidence, alongside expertise and authority.

The brand uses both options of the monochrome logo: black lettering on a white background is more common, but the white inscription placed on black is also often used by the company.

When placed on the cosmetics packaging, Catrice logo can be executed in different colors, depending on the product line: from light gold and tender pink on black glossy surfaces to silver and black nameplate on transparent glass bottles.

Logo Catrice

Whatever the logo’s color scheme is, it always looks classy and recognizable, making the brand’s products stand out on the shelf.


The wordmark is executed in two different fonts, one — for the “Catrice” which is placed on top and written in a bigger size, and another one — for “Cosmetics” located under the brand’s name.

The “Catrice” inscription uses a custom sans-serif typeface, where all the letters except for “A” and “E” are capitalized. The brand’s “A” is the most elegant and eye-catching letter of the logo, with its smooth lines and a slightly curved tail.

Another unique element of the company’s typeface is the horizontal bar of the letter “T”, which is elongated to the left and has its edge cut diagonally. It adds style and individual character to the nameplate.

Catrice Logo

The tagline of the logo, containing the “Cosmetics” lettering in all caps is executed in a simple and traditional sans-serif font, where the neat and clean letters have a lot of space between each other, which makes the logo airier and light.


The German brand offers a wide variety of make-up cosmetics and nail care goods, which are available in drugstores and supermarkets at very affordable prices. The company’s aim was to create a good quality of cosmetic items so that any girl or woman could afford it.

The Brand’s range has everything from foundations and primers to lipsticks and make-up brushes and accessories. The brand also releases a limited edition make-up collection each season. They usually have a new color palette and unique packaging.

If you visit the brand’s website, you will see a lot of great tutorials on how to better use the Catrice cosmetics to get the best make-up result. The company also has its Facebook and Instagram profiles, where share the latest news and videos with its customers.