ESET is an antivirus developing company, which was established in 1992 in Slovakia. Today the company is one of the most well-known and recognizable in the cybersecurity software segment.

Meaning and history

The ESET visual identity is simple yet well-recognizable across the globe, due to the wide use of its software.

The logo is composed of an emblem with the nameplate placed inside it. The ESET emblem is a horizontally located rectangle with its corners rounded.


It is vertically split into two equal parts — white and sea-blue. The emblem has a thick sea-blue framing, which is harmonized by the bold lines of the lettering.

The ESET wordmark is executed in a clean and neat sans-serif typeface, with “S” and “T” capitalized and both “E” in the lowercase. The first half of the inscription is drawn in sea-blue and placed on a white background, while the second half is white and located on a sea-blue part of the emblem.


The ESET badge resembles a pill and was drawn three-dimensional in its previous versions. The logo looks professional and modest, showing the company as the one, that values quality and security above all.