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Telegram is a messenger application, which was developed in 2013. The service is considered to be one of the most secure and allows sending not only text messages, but also different media files. Telegram has more than 200 million users all over the world.

Meaning and history

Telegram Logo history
Telegram was created by Pavel Durov, a person, who stood behind the VKontakte platform, the main social media in Russia. The online messenger for Durov started more like an experiment, but it got incredibly popular in 2014 when the WhatsApp servers failed to work once. That night Telegram was downloaded by more than 5 million people worldwide.
Today Telegram is one of the most popular online messengers. It is already used by several hundred million people around the world. Its main purpose is not much different from other programs of this kind— to send text, voice, video messages, as well as files. But there are also some unique features, which make this application stand out in the list of its competitors.
First of all, Telegram has many servers around the world, which allows it to achieve high speed and security. This gives Telegram the fastest message delivery compared to other competitors. Also, the platform has reliable protection against a variety of attacks.
Telegram has no restrictions on the size of chats and files sent. You can send as many files as you want up to 1,5 GB in one message. The applications allow forthe creationof group chats for up to 30 thousand participants, as well as thematic channels, like groups in social networks. Apart from public chats, Telegram allows the creationof secret chats and groups.
These are just the most basic features. In fact, there are many more. Each action and button in the application makes sense and does everything to make the use of the app easy and comfortable.

Whatis Telegram?
Telegram is an online messenger, which was created by Pavel Durov in 2013. The messenger works on a classic principle of text and voice message exchange but also allows the creationof groups and channels, where people can subscribe to and read the content of different authors. Today Telegram is more of a social media platform, with millions of users from all over the globe.

2013 – 2014

Telegram Logo 2013
The logo during the first year of Telegram’s existence looked square instead of round like most used to see it. However, it already had a blue background, albeit much darker, and a white paper plane. The paper plane matched the angular form of the square and featured pointed corners. It was a great symbol for a communications application.

2014 – 2019

Telegram Logo 2014
The initial Telegram logo was created in 2013 and is still used by the famous messenger. The white paper plane placed on a solid sky-blue circle was drawn in smooth bold lines and looked very stylish and minimalist, yet friendly and cool due to its fresh color palette and smoothened angles.

2019 – Today

Telegram Logo
Telegram is a young application, but its logo is already instantly recognizable across the globe. It is fresh, unique and with a playful mood.
The app’s visual identity concept is based on the emblem, but sometimes a wordmark is added if needed. The Telegram nameplate is executed in a simple and traditional sans-serif typeface with clean and neat lines and enough space between the letters.
The Telegram emblem is a solid light-blue circle with a white image of a paper plane in the middle. It reflects the application’s purpose — sending messages and connecting people.
The blue and white color palette of the Telegram visual identity represents the company as a reliable and loyal one, evoking a sense of security and safety. The bright color combination makes the logo look light and fresh.
The Telegram logo is a representation of a young spirit and freedom, it also shows creativity and easiness, which are the main characteristics of the application’s users.


The new simplified logo can be seen on the icon in the App Store and Android PlayMarket. A similar sign has been used for the Telegram X app. The icon and logo have changed with the new app update.
It is still the white paper airplane on a sky-blue background, though the lines of the white element became bolder and smoother, making the whole image more confident and contemporary.

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Font and color

The visual identity of Telegram is composed of just a graphical emblem, without any lettering. And the emblem is set in a vivid and fresh color palette, based on a combination of intense sky-blue and white. The light shade of blue in the Telegram logo stands for easiness and unity, and white represents the application as a reliable and secure one.
The blue and white color scheme also symbolizes communication and looks friendly and welcoming, although emphasizing the professional qualities of the platform in the first place.