Ericsson Logo

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Ericsson Logo
Ericsson is a Scandinavian brand of hardware and software services for telecommunication technologies providing company. It was founded in 1976 in Sweden, by Lars Magnus Ericsson and his wife Hilda, and the trademark was registered in 1894.

Meaning and history

Ericsson Logo history

The Ericsson logo is a bold confident wordmark in all-caps with three diagonal lines above it.
The monochrome color palette adds strength, power and authority to the brand, evoking a sense of trust and security.
The font of the wordmark, Hilda, has clear lines and shows the brand’s technical expertise and functionality.
Logo Ericsson
The diagonal lines, going up from left to the right, is a link to the very first Ericsson logo, which the company used from the 1930s until the 1980s. On the original logo the Ericsson wordmark was placed diagonally.
The Ericsson logo says a lot about its brand. It celebrates the brand’s heritage, high quality and perfect reputation, evoking a sense of reliability and elegance.