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Ericdress logoEricdress Logo PNG is a global online fashion retailer, which was established in 2012. Today the company, based in China, offers a wide range of women’s clothing and accessories for sale with delivery across the globe. The e-store is known for a huge selection of items and affordable prices.

Meaning and history

Ericdress Logo history

Ericdress, an online fashion retailer, was founded in 2012. It swiftly established itself as a prominent player in the online fashion industry, offering a diverse range of products including clothing, shoes, accessories, and wedding dresses. The company’s growth trajectory has been marked by significant achievements, including expanding its product range and targeting a global customer base. Ericdress has managed to carve out a niche in the highly competitive online retail space by focusing on trendy, affordable fashion, appealing to a broad demographic.

Over the years, Ericdress has expanded its international reach, shipping to various countries and regions. This expansion has been facilitated by a user-friendly website and a focus on customer service, helping the company to build a loyal customer base. Another key achievement has been its ability to stay ahead of fashion trends, regularly updating its product offerings to keep pace with the latest styles. As of now, Ericdress continues to thrive in the e-commerce sector, maintaining a strong online presence and a reputation for offering fashionable clothing at competitive prices.

What is Ericdress?
Ericdress is an e-commerce platform specializing in fashion. It offers a wide array of apparel, including casual wear, special occasion dresses, and wedding attire, catering to a global customer base.

2012 – 2013

Ericdress Logo 2012

The first logo, Ericdress adopts a classic and elegant approach with its use of serif typography. The letters are bold and black, providing a stark contrast against a white background, suggesting a timeless and sophisticated brand identity. The serif fonts are reminiscent of traditional print media, which often conveys trustworthiness and establishment. Each letter is evenly spaced, and the symmetry in the design adds to the overall formality and stateliness of the logo. This design choice may be indicative of the company’s focus on providing attire that is both classic and refined, aligning with customers who value traditional elegance in their wardrobe.

2013 – 2018

Ericdress Logo 2013

The current logo maintains the same brand name “Ericdress” but introduces a pop of color by using a bright pink for the first four letters and black for the last five. The contrast in color breaks the name into two visually distinct parts, to create a more dynamic and modern look. The choice of pink could be strategically used to appeal to a younger or more fashion-forward audience or to evoke a sense of playfulness and creativity within the brand’s identity. The font remains a serif type, which retains a connection to the sophistication of the brand, but the use of color adds a contemporary twist, that “Ericdress” offers a blend of classic style with modern trends.

2018 – Today

Ericdress logo

The text-based visual identity of the global fashion retailer is simple and delicate, yet memorable and instantly recognizable. The company uses two options of the color palette for the logotype, which is both pretty traditional for the industry.

The wordmark, executed with the use of two different typefaces, can be seen in monochrome, with the “Eric” part drawn in fuchsia pink, which is one of the first colors associated with ladies’ wardrobe. Pink also symbolizes love and passion and evokes a sense of a caring company, which aims to provide its customers with the latest trends at affordable prices.

Usually placed in a white background, the e-commerce platform’s logo looks distinct and stylish, representing a confident and serious company, which is also reliable and responsible.


Ericdress Logo

The wordmark in all capitals is composed of two parts — “Eric” and “Dress”, which are placed close to each other, creating a single word. The “Eric” part is executed in a contemporary and stylish Danube Pro, which is a sans-serif typeface with remarkable lines and interesting shapes of the letters.

As for the “Dress” part of the inscription, it uses a more traditional and simple font, which is close to ITC Eras, another sans-serif, but with straight and clean lines, accenting in the company’s professionalism and authority.


Ericdress Logo1

Ericdress is one of many online fashion retailers, offering the latest runway trends at affordable prices. But the e-commerce platform has one unique feature — it has a wide selection of plus-size items, which is definitely a huge advantage.

Besides casual and evening clothing, the e-store’s catalog includes a range of men’s apparel, as well as a big list of wedding outfits, shoes, and accessories.

There is also a constantly updating section of the best deals and discounts, where you can shop for items at less than 10$ and look gorgeous.

The company offers to ship to more than 200 countries across the globe and provides a secure payment service for its customers to feel protected.