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Elseve is a range of haircare products, made by the French company L’Oreal. It constitutes over 80 cosmetic and health solutions. These are largely different shampoos, hair balms and other products. Besides the basic remedies, there are also specialized mixtures, like masks and conditioners.

Meaning and History

Basically, most haircare products by L’Oreal are united into the same Elseve brand. It’s considered an extremely effective line, with 93% positive reviews (according to their own study). It’s unknown when the first of these were released, but it’s been around for at least two decades now.

2000s – today

Logo Elseve

The Elseve logo leaves an impression of something strong and flexible. The rounded ends of the “E’s” and the “L” seem to have been inspired by the attractive curves formed by the healthy hair. In addition to the word “Elseve,” the products typically feature the name of the parent company, “L’Oreal,” above, which is given in somewhat smaller and thinner letters.