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Elavon is an American company, which credit and debit card processing solutions and financial services since 1991. Being one of the largest credit card processors in the world, the company has over 30 subsidiaries across the globe as well as a wide network of reliable partners. The original name of the organization, Nova, was changed to Elavon in 2008.

Meaning and history

Elavon Logo history

The company’s visual identity is elegant and laconic. Composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it, its logo looks light and fresh, showing the young and active character of the firm.

The wordmark, executed in black is complemented by a delicate and sophisticated emblem, consisting of two curved lines, crossing each other and resembling two orbits. Both lines are colored in two different shades of blue, which adds volume and vitality to the overall picture.

The company’s web and mobile app icon also uses this emblem, but in a different execution. Two white lines are placed on a gradient blue square with its corners rounded. This color scheme makes the symbol look brighter and more distinctive.

Black and blue color combination of the Elavon visual identity is a reflection of professionalism and high quality of services provided by the company. It also evokes a sense of security and protection, along with expertise and a perfect reputation.

2007 – 20..

Elavon Logo 2007

The original logo was created for Elavon in 2007 and featured an elegant serif lettering in the title case, written in medium-thick black lines and accompanied by a minimalistic graphical emblem, composed of two blue orbits — a short and bold light-blue one, and a longer and thinner orbit in dark blue.

20.. – Today

Elavon logo

The redesign of the 2010s has modernized and strengthened the laconic yet cool emblem of Elavon. The inscription was rewritten in a bold sans-serif font with stable contours of the title case characters, while the emblem has kept its initial idea and concept, but for both orbits emboldened and their colors brightened up and deepened.


The logo of the company had two versions of the wordmark during its history. The first one was written in an elegant serif typeface, which is pretty similar to Augereau SemiBold. The inscription features straight fine lines and enlarged serifs.

The current version of the logo uses a more modern and bold sans-serif typeface, which is Neue Helvetica, with clear neat lines. The inscription is perfectly balanced in terms of size and space and evokes a sense of stability and trust.

Elavon Emblem


Elavon is a large company, which provides payment processing solutions, along with electronic check services and a variety of gift- and pre-paid cards. The company is also known for its reliable currency conversion services and POS solutions.

The group is considered to be the major processor of credit/debit card transactions in North America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Europe, having 18 operating offices and processing more than 3 billion transactions annually.

The company serves over one million customers in terms of payment processing and loyalty programs alongside fraud management and security solutions.

Another segment of the company’s business is software for commercial organizations, resellers, and agents, which includes not only payment processing but also EMV certification and even hardware for terminals and mobile devices.

The company is constantly growing and developing in order to provide the best quality innovative services to its customers and make their financial operations and businesses run easier.