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While the logo of the Life Financial Group, Inc. does not contain any indications at the industry the company works in, it symbolically reflects its core values.

Meaning and history

The centerpiece of the Life logo is a dark blue circle housing a stylized lighthouse. The gold light is spread by the lighthouse.

Interpreting the design is easy if you take into consideration that Life specializes in financial services to the Christian community. The lighthouse, therefore, is a symbol of God’s Word and Christian values.

Next to the emblem, the lettering “Life Financial Group” in blue can be seen.

Logo Life


The type in the Life logo is a traditional sans. All the letters are capitalized. The classic, perfectly legible glyphs create the impression of something reasonable, traditional, and stable, which works great for the type of company Life is.

Company overview

Life Financial Group logo

According to the corporate website, The Life Financial Group Life has provided financial services, counseling, and education to the Christian community since 1978. The company specializes in wealth management from a Biblical worldview.