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Dreamcast is a home video game console by Sega, with one of the most impressive gaming libraries in history. The console was released in 1998 but its production was discontinued after two years.

Meaning and history

Dreamcast logo

The Dreamcast logo became iconic in its industry. A light typeface of the wordmark in black is complimented with an orange bold spiral on the top.

Emblem Dreamcast

But the Europeans do not know the  Dreamcast logo in orange. The brand had to change its logo color to blue for European version, as there was an issue with Tivola, a German company, which was using a similar orange swirl logo at that time.

Both blue and orange Dreamcast colors symbolize vitality, fun and joy, the main aim of any Game-industry product. Even today The Dreamcast Spiral is considered to be one of the most recognizable logos in the industry, despite the fact, that the brand was on the market for just two years.