Dr. Brandt Logo

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Dr. Brandt is a brand of cosmetic products. It promises that its products, which can be used at home, mirror the results of in-office procedures.

Meaning and history

The Dr. Brandt logo seems to successfully combine two messages that are in a way opposite. On the one hand, it has a serious, even solemn style, which has been inspired by the “doctor” theme. You can see the seriousness in the rectangle shape and the strict combination of colors, black and white, which is often used in uniforms.

Dr. Brandt Logo

On the other hand, the type used for the lettering “dr. brandt” is youthful and friendly. There is even something playful about it. The fact none of the letters has been capitalized only reinforces the impression. The lettering “take the doctor home” features a simpler and lighter type.