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The logo of the telecommunications company Digicel looks energetic and friendly helping to create an emotional connection with the customers.

Meaning and history

Digicel Logo history
Digicel was commercially launched in the spring of 2001 in Jamaica. It was founded by Irish entrepreneur Denis O’Brien. Today, the Caribbean mobile phone network and home entertainment provider works in more than thirty countries across the Caribbean, Central America, and Oceania regions.

2001 – ….

Digicel Logo 2001

The original Digicel badge, designed in 2001, was executed in a bright and lively red and green color palette, with the two parts of the brand’s name written in one font — a handwritten sans-serif, where the “D” was capitalized and emboldened. As for the colors,red was used for the “Digi” part of the lettering, andgreen — for the “Cel”.

…. – 2017

Digicel Logo old
While the overall style was pretty much the same, there were quite a few comparatively minor differences in the shape of the letters. The most obvious one was the “D” – it appeared casual in comparison with the current one. It looked as if the letter had been drawn by hand. However, all the other letters were more or less even, which resulted in a slightly inconsistent style.

All the glyphs had rounded ends. The dots above the “i’s” were smaller than in the current Digicel logo.

2017 – Today

Digicel Logo

The current Digicel logo features the word “Digicel” in bright red over the white background. The type is a friendly sans. The dots above the “i’s” appear slightly larger than they should be. The “l” has a slightly unusual shape with a curve. On the whole, the letters are pretty generic, although they create a friendly feel, look consistent and provide excellent legibility.