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Design By Humans is an American online retailer of branded or customized clothing and accessories. The company, which was established in 2007, offers a wide selection of t-shirts with all the possible prints — from comics to horror motifs. The website offers worldwide delivery with flexible rates.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of this artistic and creative online store is minimalist and stylish. Its progressive yet simple logotype is accompanied by an emblem, which is also used on its own, as the company’s icon.

The logo of the e-commerce platform is executed in a monochrome color palette, which elevates the image and makes the bold lines of the inscription look strong and confident, evoking a sense of seriousness, stability, and professionalism, along with showing the progressive approach and young spirit of the retailer.

The thing that makes the logotype unique is two dots above the letter “U”, making it look like “Ü” of the Swedish or Danish alphabet. The same symbol is used in the platform’s emblem. It is enclosed in a rounded frame and is placed diagonally, inclined to the left.

Denmark design school is something iconic for the contemporary fashion and architectural industries, so the use of the letter “Ü” is an accent on style and expertise in fashion and art.

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The emblem and the logotype look great together and executed in monochrome the make a perfect representation of the young powerful, which is also progressive and constantly developing.


The wordmark in all capitals uses two styles, bold lines for “Design” and “Humans” and thin light lines of “By”, but the whole inscription is executed in one sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to Hopes And Barley Clean 3b, modern geometric font with straight lines and distinct cuts of the letters.

The nameplate looks solid and powerful, perfectly showing the spirit of the company and its character.


The online fashion retailer offers the most beautiful and creative selection of t-shirts and accessories with creative exclusive prints. The catalog of the website is designed in order to provide the most comfortable shopping experience and give their customers an opportunity to browse items by type, by brand or by the artist.

Design By Humans Logo

The e-commerce platform offers affordable deals on unique items, which you can barely see on anyone else. The product range of the platform includes items for men, women, and kids, along with designer mugs and backpacks. You can also get posters and framed art prints of the art you like.

The company offers international delivery to more than 100 countries worldwide and accepts various types of payment. For the artists and small businesses, the e-commerce platform has an offer — you can sell your items through their website, there is a simple registration form available on-site and a 24/7 customer support service, which will help you with all the information.