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Clovia is an Indian online retailer, which specializes in the distribution of women’s lingerie and sleepwear. The company has a wide selection of items available for sale on the website. The e-commerce platform also offers beach and bridal wear along with active and sportswear.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is feminine and elegant. Its logotype with little bright details looks fine yet modern and strong.

The black and fuchsia color combination reflects the company’s essence and purpose, showing the ladies’ assortment of products — lingerie and sleepwear.

The main graphical detail of the platform’s logo is composed of two fuchsia circles, which are placed above the letter “I” of the inscription. The symbol is also used on its won as the brand’s signifier — two dots of different color intensity are placed on a white background, the left circle is half cut.

The other option of the logo features a white inscription with fuchsia dots placed inside a black circle. In this palette the logo looks even more stylish and contemporary, reflecting the dynamic and energetic character of the online retailer.


The wordmark of the company is executed in a custom script typeface, which looks slightly naive — with uneven lines, but very sharp and young. The lettering in well-balanced and lines, looking sophisticated and light.

When drawn in white, the lines look thinner and finer, which adds tenderness and femininity to the company’s characteristics.


Clovia Logo

Clovia is an Indian lingerie brand, which aims to provide women with different shapes and tastes with perfect solutions at affordable prices.

The company’s website offers a wide range of bras and briefs, along with lounge and sleepwear, maternity and shapewear. The catalog also includes such categories as bridal sets and swimwear, along with sports apparel and accessories.

The e-commerce platform has special deals sections, offering sets of bras and panties with huge discounts.

The website offers browsing items by size or by color and makes every lady’s shopping experience easy and comfortable.