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Since 2008 when the fashion brand Uterqüe was founded, it has gone through at least two logo updates.

Meaning and history

The brand specializes in making fashion accessories and garments such as scarves and sunglasses. It belongs to the Spanish Inditex group.

Uterqüe Logo history


Uterqüe Logo 2008

The original version was by far more elaborate than the current Uterqüe logo and had a glamorous touch because of its gold color.

While the type was a serif one, the word “serifs” cannot describe the elegant, refined elements seen on the ends of the letters forming the wordmark. Also, there was a horizontal bar above the company name.


Uterqüe Logo 2015

For a couple of years, the company used a logo in a simpler type. While it was also a serif type, it did not have the unique decorative style of its predecessor. The “tail” of the “Q” was pretty distinctive, though.

Logo Uterqüe


Uterqüe logo

The current Uterque logo showcases the name of the brand in a completely different font. It is by far simpler and more minimalist sans serif type with generous space between the glyphs. What makes the design stand out among its competitors is the unusual shape the tail of the “Q” has. While it is not as elaborate as the previous one, it is still distinctive and perfectly fits the overall style of the wordmark.