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Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” accounting organizations. It’s the world’s largest professional services network by revenue and number of employees.

Meaning and history


The company traces its origins to 1845 when William Welch Deloitte opened his first office in London, UK.


Deloitte symbol

The Deloitte logo exists in two variations. The full logo features the name of the company in a bold sans serif type. The letters are black over the white background. The word is followed by a green dot.

Also, there’s a short logo looking more like an icon. Here, you can only see the initial, “D,” and the dot.

We should point out that the dot appeared on the logo in 2003. The latest logo update took place in mid-June 2016. As Josef Kotrba, Office Managing Partner at Deloitte Czech Republic, explained in the company blog, the update meant that the all the branches and offices of Deloitte globally are supposed to have the same visual style of communication, including logo, graphics, colors, font, corporate site, and brochures. The old logo looked very much like the current one, but the lettering “Deloitte” was given in dark blue.

What does the green dot on the emblem stand for?

Deloitte Emblem

This symbol has a variety of interpretations. The basic interpretation suggests that once you are connected with this company, there is nothing else required. So, the full stop here has a metaphoric meaning – it’s the final point in your search, whether you’re a client or an employee.

Josef Kotrba gave a slightly different explanation. According to the blog post, the dot meant “We are here. Remember us.”

In 2016, Deloitte launched a campaign where the dot appeared in different visual contexts. For instance, one of the ads featured the dot as a doorknob on an open door.


Deloitte Logo

The type featured on the Deloitte logo looks very much like Mediator Narrow Extra Bold. Mediator is a family of balanced contemporary sans serif typefaces released by the Para Type foundry in 2016. The font family was developed by Manvel Shmavonyan with the participation of Alexander Lubovenko.


While the logo itself is dominated by black and white, the most eye-catching color is undoubtedly green. The pleasant and natural shade has been chosen for a reason. According to the company spokesperson, green was chosen as a symbol of safety. It is supposed to mean that as soon as you’ve become a client or an employee at Deloitte, your project or career is in safe hands.