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Agricultural Bank of China is one of the leaders of the Chinese banking structure.
The bank owns thousands of branches around the world and its asset portfolio is worth billions of dollars. The bank is at the top of the rankings of banking institutions, including the most prestigious.

Meaning and history

Agricultural Bank of China logo

Agricultural Bank of China (or simply ABC) is a worthy competitor to the global giants of the financial industry, such as JP Morgan or Bank of America. ABC bank China’s policy is forward-looking, and it is this quality that allows the bank to keep its indestructible greatness.

The visual identity of the ABC bank hasn’t changed much throughout the years. There are still two official logos used by the company, which look almost the same and only have a difference in typefaces. The color palette varied from grass green to turquoise, but this thing also did not affect the recognizability of the emblem, and the change went almost unnoticed.

The Agricultural Bank of China logo is composed of a graphical emblem depicting a stylized geometric war drawn vertically inside a circular frame, in green, on a white background, and placed whether above or on the left from the two-leveled wordmark, with the black name of the bank in Chinese hieroglyphs on top and a green or black uppercase inscription in English under it. The English name is executed in smaller letters and can be seen in two variants — classy serif font, or a clean modern sans-serif.

Font and color

In the traditional version of the logo, the bottom line of the wordmark is written in a sleek and bold serif typeface, with thick lines and serifs of the capital letters. The closest font to the one used in Agricultural Bank of China visual identity is probably Corporate A Bold SC or Stone Print Bold SC with their elongated sophisticated lines.

As for the second, brighter, version of the insignia, the bottom line is executed in a clean and neat sans-serif, the one very similar to Corporate S SC Bold and Nimbus Sans Bold, with stable and slightly widened letters, looking contemporary and powerful.

The green and black color palette of the ABC emblem is a good and strong reflection of the company’s purpose and history. Green suits the “Agricultural” part like no other color, at the same time being a symbol of wealth, success, and growth. While black symbolized power, influence, stability, and professionalism.

Agricultural Bank of China Icon


Agricultural Bank of China emblem

The icon of the Agricultural Bank of China is a stylized image of a spike, drawn vertically and with its upper part straightened and cleaned, having a rectangular shape. The spike is enclosed into a thick circular frame, which balanced the image and softens its angles.