Chef Boyardee Logo

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Chef Boyardee Logo

Chef Boyardee is an American brand of canned food of Italian cuisine. The label was established in 1938 and today is a part of ConAgra company.

Meaning and history

Chef Boyardee Logo history

Named after its founder, Hector Boiardi, the brand simplified its spelling for Americans to pronounce it easier. It worked and the brand became very popular across the USA.

The first Chef Bogarde logo was designed in 1938 and featured a bright yellow and red color combination and the portrait of the Chef. In 1965 brand started using the Italian tricolor scheme for the background and kept the portrait. Only in 2000, the tricolor was switched to a solid green color.

The last redesign of the Chef Boyardee logo was made in 2010. It was actually just a refinement of the previous version, which was composed of a green circle with Chef’s portrait on it and the wordmark in a green outline underneath it.

Chef Boyardee Logo

The Chef Boyardee wordmark is executed in two styles: elegant cursive for the “Chef” in small letters is placed above the bold straight sans-serif of “Boyardee” in all capitals, but with the first “B” and last “E” slightly enlarged.

The company stopped using the Italian flag tricolor for its logo’s background, but green, white and red are still the main colors of the Chef Boyardee’s visual identity.

White lettering on a green background and the red Chef’s tie create a bright and welcoming combination, celebrating Italian cuisine and fresh tastes.