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pBTC is the abbreviation standing for pToken, a cryptocurrency analogous to bitcoin. Although pBTC has been listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, it can’t be bought for fiat money but exchanged on bitcoins of other major cryptocurrencies.

Meaning and history

pBTC is the name of a cryptocurrency, which is also called pToken. The main difference between pBTC and other major cryptocurrencies is that it cannot be bought directly for fiat money, but exchanged on Bitcoins (BTC). PBTC is a more complicated version of Bitcoin (BTC), as it is decentralized and stored under a smart contract.

What is pBTC?

pBTC is a type of cryptocurrency also known as a pToken. PBTC is a BEP-20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain. The pTokens can only be purchased by exchanging them for major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

As for the visual identity, the logo of PBTC, or pTokens BTC is fully based on the emblem of Bitcoin, but with several additions, which makes sense. It instantly shows the affiliation of the tokens to the most famous cryptocurrency in the world and adds a sense of reliability and security.

2020 – Today

pBTC Logo

The pBTC logo was first introduced in 2020, with the launch of the cryptocurrency. The emblem is built around the Bitcoin badge, which has already become iconic. The solid orange circle with the white stylized “B” (Bitcoin currency symbol), slightly slanted to the right, is enclosed into a thick rounded frame, drawn in two shades of calm pink (a lighter and a darker one), and smooth cream. The emblem looks bright and modern, evoking a sense of progressiveness and showing the currency as the young but perspective product.