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Danganronpa is known in various parts of the globe as a popular video game franchise. Although the Danganronpa logo can be found in several versions, all of them reflect the meaning of the game’s name, in one way or another.

Meaning and history

Danganronpa logo

The first release dates back to 25 November 2010. The company that introduced the game, Spike Chunsoft (formerly Spike), developed it for various platforms, from the PlayStation Portable to Android to home computers.
The name of the game consists of the words “dangan” (meaning “bullet” in Japanese) and “ronpa” (meaning “refute”).
You can come across more than one variation of the logo. Yet, each of them has an icon introducing the “bullet” or “shooting” theme. It is typically placed in the left bottom corner of the “D” but can also be seen in other places.
For instance, the logo of Trigger HappyHavoc features the icon between the “i” and the “g.” Here, the word “Danganronpa” can be seen below the main part of the emblem. It is given in capital letters, in white over the black background.
There are also versions where only the first letter is capitalized. Here, the “g” has a long “tail,” which is stretched below the “an” in front of it. This version sports the name of the game in black with white and gray shades. If the wordmark is given within a single line, it has a black bar below.
While the shape of the letters can vary in different versions, the Danganronpa logo always preserves the black-and-white color scheme as well as the dynamism reflecting the game itself.

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