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Dana Wallet is a fintech company specializing in delivering inclusive financial services. It provides a payment service platform for clients all around Indonesia. It is headquartered in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya.

Meaning and history

Dana logo

The company was founded in the summer of 2017. Its founder is Vincent Iswara.
The Dana logo combines a simple emblem with the name of the brand. The overall style is pretty minimalist. The emblem is basically a blue circle housing a flag shape. The shape symbolizes a banknote representing the type of service the company provides.


The typeface is very clean not only due to the lack of serifs but also due to other ways of simplifying the shape of the glyphs. For instance, the “N’s” have lost the “tails” in their top right corners.
Also, the glyphs echo each other’s shape. The “A” and “N” have the same arc, while the only difference between them is the horizontal bar. The arc of the “D” looks the same, only it is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.


The shade of blue used in the Dana logo is a little brighter and more saturated than the color of the sky. It is rather unique and makes the design more recognizable.