Crusaders Logo

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Crusaders logo
The brand identity of the New Zealand rugby football team the Crusaders has been criticized for religious and cultural reasons. After the Christchurch mosque shootings, the club promised to modify the Crusaders logo.

Meaning and history

Crusaders logo history

The very first jersey worn by the players featured a sword-wielding knight. According to the club, it was supposed to reflect Christchurch’s English heritage.

Original symbol

Crusaders symbol
The knight and the sword were given in black and white. To the right, there was the name of the team in white letters with the black outline. The wordmark was placed in a bright red square. Due to the black shades, the letters had a slightly noticeable 3D effect to them.

New emblem

Crusaders emblem
Although the brand has been quite commercially successful, it has received a lot of criticism. During the Christian Crusades in the Middle Ages, soldiers slaughtered Muslims, so in a way, the very “Crusaders” name is offensive for quite a few people. The criticism became more severe following the 15 March 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings.
On June 3, 2019, the club announced it would update its logo and name.


Crusaders logo rugby
The combination of red and black is the traditional color scheme for sports in Canterbury’s, so it’s only natural that it was chosen for the Crusaders logo and jerseys.