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Credit Suisse is a Swiss finance-group, which delivers banking assistance. The company was organized in 1856 and today is considered to be one of the most reputable and influential European banks. Credit Suisse is known for its excellent confidential policy.

Meaning and history

Credit Suisse Logo history

1968 – 1976

Credit Suisse Logo 1968

1976 – 1997

Credit Suisse Logo 1976

1997 – 2006

Credit Suisse Logo 1997

2006 – 2014

Credit Suisse Logo 2006

2014 – Today

Credit Suisse logo

The Credit Suisse visual identity is an example of timeless elegance and finesse. The logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left.

The wordmark is performed in a classic typeface with sophisticated lines and pointed angles. The font is similar to TF Arrow. The lettering boasts thin yet confident shapes and is perfectly spaced.

The elegant wordmark is accompanied by a light emblem, which is composed of two sails, one of a lighter time of blue, and the other one — darker. The sails are a symbol of the company’s growth and progress. It was designed in 2006, when the bank combined three of its branches under one roof, and that was the beginning of a new Credit Suisse era.

The royal blue and white color palette of the Credit Suisse logo is a reflection of the loyalty and authority of the company. It shows the bank as trustworthy and experienced, aiming to provide its customers with only the best. The main value of Credit Suisse is confidence and safety, and its logo is a celebration of both these characteristics.

The Credit Suisse logo is a timeless classic. It is modest but luxurious, with its sleek lines and a simple yet meaningful emblem.