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Covergirl is a famous make-up brand from the USA. It was created in 1961 and became one of the most well-known American cosmetics brands across the world. Today the label is a part of Coty Group.

Meaning and history

Covergirl Logo history

The Covergirl logo is common for the cosmetics industry — it is text-based and executed in a black and white color palette.

1961 – 1999

Covergirl Logo 1961

1999 – 2017

Covergirl Logo 1999


The redesign of 2017 transformed the iconic elegant style of the brand’s inscription to a more modern and bold. The geometric sans-serif typeface of the Covergirl logotype is bright and confident, with its thick lines and straight cuts.

With the redesign, the brand decided to add its motto to the logo as the tagline. “I am what I make up” is written in the same style typeface as the nameplate, but with thinner lines and wider spacing.

Covergirl Logo

The white letters of the logo are placed on a black background, which makes the traditional color scheme look sharper and more contemporary.

The Covergirl logo is timeless and classic, perfectly balanced text in a perfect monochrome. Nothing else needed here. It reflects the company’s power and authority, its influence in the world’s make up industry and its fundamental approach to style and design.