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Created in 1984, Extra Gum was the first sugar-free Wrigley’s chewing gum sold in the United States. Extra Gum is known for its incredibly long-lasting flavor that is satisfying and enjoyable. Extra Chewing Gum has received special certification and approval from the American Dental Association.

Meaning and history

Extra Gum Logo history

Extra Chewing Gum, introduced in 1984, is the first low-calorie sugar-free gum certified and approved by the American Dental Association. According to the manufacturers, you should only chew Extra Chewing Gum for 20 minutes after a meal to protect your teeth from cavities, strengthen enamel, reduce acidity in the mouth, and prevent dry mouth.

The Extra Gum brand belongs to Wrigley, one of the leading players in the global confectionery market, engaged in the production of confectionery, chewing gum, candy, lollipops, etc. The company manufactures in more than 40 countries around the world, and the company’s products are known in 180 countries.

Extra Chewing Gum is available in many flavor combinations, including local flavors exclusive to the countries of distribution, including Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Taiwan. The brand constantly conducts marketing campaigns and consumer surveys to identify its weaknesses, as well as to determine the most popular flavors, which are subsequently re-released by the company.

What is Extra Gum?
Extra Gum is the name of a sugar-free chewing gum brand, owned by the Mars Corporation through one of its subsidiaries, Wrigley’s. Founded in the middle of the 1980s, the Extra Chewing Gum brand became super popular in no time, and today it can be found in different countries across the globe.

In terms of visual identity, Extra Gum is quite a stable brand. Even though the logo of the chewing gum was redesigned several times throughout the years, it has always emphasized only the stylized wordmark, with no distraction to additional graphics or intense colors.

1984 – 1995

Extra Gum Logo 1984

The original logo of the Extra Gum brand, introduced in 1984, has stayed with it for almost a decade. It was quite a simple yet elegant and bold composition, based on a slanted serif lettering, executed in a black-and-white color palette. The stylish inscription was accompanied by the small “Wrigley’s” wordmark, set above it, making up kind of a quality mark.

1995 – 2006

Extra Gum Logo 1995

The redesign of 1995 has added volume and freshness to the Extra Gum logo, redrawing it in a light-blue and white color palette. The style of the inscription remained the same, but the lines got bolder, and some thin accents were added to the white characters. Also, a dark blue shadow was now accompanying the lettering. The logo reflected the “refreshing” purpose of the brand’s product.

2006 – 2008

Extra Gum Logo 2006

In 2006 the Extra Gum visual identity was significantly redesigned, even though the white lettering has stayed as the main element of the composition. The new wordmark was rewritten in a modern custom typeface with massive shapes and playfully curved ends of the thick bars. The white characters were outlined in dark blue, which made it more readable on the colorful background of the chewing gum’s packaging, which varied depending on the flavor.

2008 – Today

Extra Gum Logo

The redesign of 2008 has modernized the Extra Gum logo even more. The contours of the characters became more distinctive and straight. The white lettering is now set diagonally and outlined in dark blue, with the same shade filling in the negative space in and between the characters. The barely visible light blue strokes complement the white bodies of the letters, adding depth and volume to the composition.

Font and color

Extra Gum Emblem

The bold title case lettering from the primary Extra Gum logo is set in a custom sans-serif typeface, with massive characters and elegant geometric shapes, making up a wordmark full of energy and motion.

As for the color palette of the Extra Gum visual identity, it varies depending on the flavor of the gum, but the primary version is set in a white and dark blue color palette, which looks serious, professional, and trustworthy.

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