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IDBI Bank is the name of the financial company from India, which was established by the government in 1964. Today the Industrial Development Bank of India provides its clients with such services as banking, retail, pensions, and many more.

Meaning and history

IDBI Bank logo

IDBI Bank is one of those companies, that value tradition, and history, and prefer not to change its visual identity to reflect its loyalty and value of roots. The logo of the company was created in 1964 and hasn’t been changed at all since that time. The only change, made by the designers was in the expansion of the emblem to a complete badge with the lettering.

The IDBI logo today is composed of two parts — an emblem, which can be used on its own or placed on the left from the logotype. In the first case, it is an orange and white symbol, while in the second — it is a solid green horizontally-oriented rectangle with white and orange elements on it.

The IDBI emblem is a stylized monogram, which looks like a smooth orange flower with the lowercase letter “I” in the middle. The symbol also resembles an abstract human figure.

What is IDBI Bank?
IDBI is the short name of the Industrial Development Bank of India, Alt he company, founded by the government of India as the credit organization. Today the company is one of the largest in its country and constantly expanding, starting opening offices in other countries.

IDBI Bank emblem

When used with the lettering, the orange emblem is placed on a plain white circle, located on the left part of the green banner. As for the inscription, it is written in white capitals, with “IDBI” enlarged. Both parts are executed in a bold and elegant sans-serif typeface.

Font and color

The bold and clean lettering from the primary badge of the IDBI Bank is set in a sleek modern sans-serif typeface with slightly flared ends of the bars in the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Classico Bold, or Columbia Serial Extra Bold, but with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the IDBI Bank visual identity, it is based on the combination of green, orange and white, a very patriotic for India combination, which also looks lively and energetic, and evokes a warm, caring sense along with the feeling of reliability and trustworthiness.