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Luvyle is an online fashion retailer, based in China. The e-store offers a wide range of clothing and accessories at affordable prices available with worldwide delivery. The e-commerce platform also has its website versions on various languages, so that customers from across the globe could enjoy their shopping.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the fashion e-commerce platform is minimalist and sleek. Its text-based logo in a monochrome color palette looks elegant and stylish, perfectly representing the company’s profile and nature.

The black wordmark placed on a white background is a common combination for fashion-related businesses across the globe and it always works brilliantly.

The smooth bold lines of the inscription and thinly spaced of the letterforms make the visual identity of the online retailer unique and strong. The company is showing as a stable and serious one, yet with the values of design and style.


The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a bold and solid sans-serif typeface, which is very close to Karben 105 Stencil Black but is slightly modified — with thinner spaces between the parts of the letters. It makes the inscription more elegant and fine and emphasizes the fashion profile of the e-commerce platform.

Luvyle Logo


The main aim of the online fashion retailer is to make all ladies happy by offering them the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. The e-commerce platform is focused on the young audience but has something to offer to the lady of any age and style.

The huge range of the website’s items includes such categories as tops and bottoms, dresses, sweaters and coats. The online retailer made the shopping easier by adding such sections as “Top Sellers” and “New In” for those, who want to shop the trendiest outfits.

There is also a wide selection of discounted items in the Sale section, where you can buy a garment of your dreams with up to 90% reduction in price.

The e-commerce platform offers fast and safe international delivery, a secure online payment system, which accepts credit add and PayPal transactions and a flexible return and exchange policy.

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