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Asos is a British e-commerce platform, which was established in 2000. The company is specialized in the distribution of fashion items and cosmetics and operates across the globe. ASOS is widely known for its affordable clothing, which follows the latest world trends.

Meaning and history

ASOS Logo history

The visual identity of the famous online retailer is minimalist and confident. The brand’s logo is one of the traditional representatives of the fashion industry’s visual identity. Simple yet elegant and recognizable.

What is ASOS?
ASOS is the famous British online store, which was established at the beginning of the 2000s, and today operates all over the globe, offering fashion collections of various brands, including several own, cosmetics, small targets, and accessories for both women and men.

2000 – 2003

Asos Logo 2000
The original ASOS logo was created in 2000 and stayed with the e-commerce platform for three years. It was blue and black lettering, with the full name of the brand “As Seen On Screen”, a stylized minimalist emblem on its left, and a solid black tagline. The upper part of the nameplate was written in bold black letters, with the “As” and “On” in bright blue, as well as the “.com” ending. The emblem featured a schematic image of an eye, with the film image in the center. The “Buy what you see on film and TV” tagline was written in an italicized sans-serif, with its uppercase lettering in black.

2003 – Today



The e-store’s logotype is executed in all the lowercase letters of a bold sans-serif font, which is close to the Helvetica Family typeface. The letters are “glued” to each other and create a sense of a single element. The nameplate is perfectly balanced and its smooth lines evoke a sense of luxury and style.


ASOS is an online fashion retailer, which was established in 2000 in Great Britain. Today it is one of the world’s most famous clothing and accessories online store, which delivers its products to almost 200 countries across the globe.

Asos Logo

The name of the company, ASOS, is a derivative for “As Seen On Screen”. The online retailer started its career from selling fashion items, replicating the ones, seen on celebrities and in movies.

The online retailer has a wide selection of fashion items in its catalog. They design and produce several clothing lines under the ASOS brand, and sell the apparel and accessories of other world’s well-known labels, which are all in the middle price range.

The e-store also features a big skincare and make-up section, where you can find everything from traditional face and body moisturizer to the latest crazy colors of matte lipsticks, see in the magazines.

The company has a very good reputation and is loved by millions of young fashionistas across the globe. Their payment and delivery methods are safe and easy to manage, which makes the shopping process more comfortable.


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