Clemson University Logo

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Clemson University Logo
The visual identity of Clemson University is founded on the combination of several identity elements, including the wordmark, the Tiger Paw logo, and the seal.

Meaning and history Logo

Clemson University logo

Judging by the number of students, Clemson University is the largest university in South Carolina. The school was founded in 1889 under the name of Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina. Today, it includes seven colleges.

Old logo

Clemson University Old logo
One of the best known old Clemson logos is the so-called Tiger on the Rock logo. Here, a tiger is depicted on top of a rock placed above the regular University wordmark and given in the same color. This emblem was discontinued in 2009.

Athletic symbol

symbol Clemson University
The athletic teams that represent the school are called the Clemson Tigers (or just the Tigers). Since 1928, their logo has always been based on a depiction of a tiger (or its part). The current logo featuring a tiger’s paw (tilt to one o’clock) was adopted in 1977. In comparison with its predecessors, it’s simpler and more symbolic.

Wordmark emblem

emblem Clemson University
The most known version of the wordmark features the word “Clemson” in orange capitals with the word “University” in purple placed below, between two lines. The background is white.
There’re also other approved versions, where the colors of the elements are used interchangeably. For instance, the lettering can be white and orange, while the background can be purple or the lettering can be white and purple on the orange background. Altogether, there’re six approved versions, including a black-and-white one.

University seal

Clemson University seal
The seal depicts something that, in the eyes of the layman, resembles a hybrid of a palm tree and a column placed on a pedestal. The image is encircled by the text “Clemson University” and “1889” with two stars. There’re stylized white clouds in the background, as well as the orange and violet sky. The seal is surrounded with an orange outline. Additionally, the seal may be given in white and orange or white and purple.
This is not just a logo but rather an official seal, so its use is restricted to the president and board of trustees.


The name of the type featured on the Clemson University logo is Goudy Old Style. It’s the school’s “legacy” typeface used for many years.


Color Clemson University Logo
The school’s primary colors are orange (PMS 1595 or 165*), purple (268 C), and white. From the symbolic point of view, the combination may have been inspired by the fantastic sunsets of South Carolina.