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Citadel is a brand of firearms, manufactured by the Arms Corporation of the Philippines, which is now known as Armscor. The company was established in 1905 today it produces over 200 thousand of shotguns and pistols a year.

Meaning and history

The Citadel visual identity is simple yet shows the brand’s nature perfectly. The company’s logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem, is strong and strict, evoking a sense of power and stability.

The Citadel brand’s name inscription in all capitals is executed in a straight yet elegant serif typeface, with sharp-pointed serifs, adding unique character to the logo. Drawn in black, it is perfectly balanced by the colorful emblem, which is placed on its left.

The Citadel emblem is a shield with the letter “C” on it and two crossed flashes of lightning under it. The “C” boasts a distinct gothic style, while the flashes of lightning add brutality and modernity to the shield. Both the letter and the symbol feature bright red color, which looks strong in an orange and yellow background.

The Citadel’s logo color palette, composed of black, yellow, orange and red is a reflection of a strong brand, which main characteristics are professionalism, reliability, and energy.

The Citadel logo evokes a sense of security and authority, it represents the company, which values quality and has a fundamental approach to everything it does.