CIMB (Commerce International Merchant Bankers) is the name of a Malaysian bank, which was established in 2006 and today operates across 18 countries of the region through its branches and ATMs. The yearly revenue of a financial company is about 5 billion USD.

Meaning and history

CIMB Logo history

The Malaysian bank, which today is known as CIMB was established in 2006, but takes its roots from the middle of the 20th century, as that is when several banks, due to the merge of which CIMB was formed, were founded. The first merge formed Bank of Commerce, which was later expanded and renamed into Bumiputra Commerce, which gave birth to CIMB in 2006.

1979 — 1999

CIMB Logo-1979

The logo created in 1979 for Bank of Commerce featured a strict and solid style, composed of a bold wordmark and a geometric emblem above it. The square emblem featured four arrow-like segments that were placed around the rhombus, composed of four squares, and each square consisted of two rectangles. It was a pretty complicated combination but looked minimalist and neat.

The blue and white color palette and the serif typeface of the inscription made the bank’s visual identity look trustworthy and professional.

1999 — 2006

CIMB Logo-1999

The logo for Bumiputra Commerce was introduced in 1999 and featured a bright and vivid pink and yellow color palette, which was complemented by white accents, making it lighter and calmer. The logo was composed of a serif lettering in two levels and a rectangular emblem on the right. The emblem boasted a solid pink rectangle, which was horizontally oriented, with two smooth waves in yellow and white on it.

The serif lettering in the title case was executed in a delicate light font using the same intense pink color as the background of the emblem.

2006 — Today


CIMB Bank was established in 2006, and its logo was designed in the same year. The bank’s visual identity featured a solid geometric emblem with all-caps lettering on the right. The inscription is executed in two different weights of one sans-serif typeface with clean straight lines.

The CIMB emblem boasts a solid burgundy square with a white and red arrow, pointing right, on it. It symbolizes movement, growth, and wealth.

Font and color

The wordmark of the CIMB Bank uses one sans-serif typeface for both parts, though the first has its letters bold and thick, and the second — light and delicate. The typeface of the inscription is very close to the famous Avenir font family.

The main color of the CIMB palette is burgundy. It stands for confidence, luxury and power, and with the added red and white details it evokes a sense of professionalism and loyalty.