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Chinabank is the name of a financial corporation that was established in 1920 in the Philippines. Today the bank operates all over the country through about a thousand offices and ATMs, having almost 6 thousand employees and yearly revenue of around 500 million USD.

Meaning and history

Chinabank Logo history

The first thought that comes to mind when someone hears “Chinabank” is, of course, that it’s about one of the financial institutions of China. But it is the name of one of the oldest and most reputable banks in the Philippines, which values its traditions and legacy, and it can be seen in the bank’s visual identity history, which only features one logo design during the company’s existence.

1920 – 1973

Chinabank Logo 1920

The first logo to depict the China Banking Corporation’s logo in its historical context, displaying the full name “CHINA BANKING CORPORATION” in a serif font that conveys a traditional and formal banking image. The style suggests an era when bank identities were meant to evoke stability and trustworthiness.

1973 – 1995

Chinabank Logo 1973

The second logo repeats the first, slightly changing the font to a more strict one typical of that time.

1995 – 2017

Chinabank Logo 1995

The logo is composed of and simple and modest emblem, which is placed on the left of the wordmark in all capitals. The italicized wordmark is written in a neat and bold sans-serif typeface with thick lines and straight cuts of the letters’ edges and has its first “C” enlarged.

As for the emblem, there are no graphics and ornaments, just three letters. The “BC” in a modern sans-serif is located inside a bigger “C”, which looks like an open square frame with rounded angles. The symbols of the emblem are also italicized, which makes the visual identity balanced and dynamic.

2017 – 2024

Chinabank Logo 2017

The logo is a more modern rendition. It has “CHINABANK” in bold red block letters, and the word “bank” is underlined, indicating solidity and foundation, which are essential characteristics for a financial institution. The inclusion of “Since 1920” below the main wordmark establishes the bank’s long history and enduring presence in the industry.

2024 – Today

Chinabank Logo

The new logo remains bold but features a red square icon with a “C” cut out of it to represent China Bank’s initial. The negative space created by the letter “C” is a dynamic visual element of the letter “B” that is simple yet effective. The color red is striking, suggesting strength and action, which are often associated with prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture. The name “Chinabank” is written in a sans-serif font, clean and modern, reflecting the combination of the bank’s rich heritage with a progressive outlook.

Font and color

Logo ChinabankThe Chinabank inscription is written in a clean and modern sans-serif typeface, which is similar to such fonts as Nuber Next Black Extended Italic and Neue Helvetica Pro 93 Extended Black Oblique. It looks confident and strict, but the inclination of the letters makes in friendlier and more progressive.

The red and white color palette of the bank’s visual identity represents power and passion, along with loyalty and professionalism, and shows the bank’s customer as the main value.

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