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CentOS is the name of the operating system developed for Linux in 2004, and today is available for such platforms as x86-64, POWER6, and ARM64. CentOS is open-source software, which is being regularly updated.

Meaning and history

CentOS logo

The official CentOS logo was introduced in 2005, one year after the release of the software and its testing version. It was a bright modern design, which still hasn’t been changed, as looks up-to-date, and even futuristic even today. The bright color palette, clean geometry, and modern yet professional lettering make the CentOS logo truly outstanding and instantly recognizable.

The CentOS logo is composed of a delightful geometric emblem placed on the left from the black logotype set on a white background without any framing and additional details.

The emblem of the Linux software features a large square composed of four smaller ones in green, blue, purple, and yellow colors, with an overlapping rhombus, made up of colorful arrows pointing to different directions and outlined in white.

As for the logotype, the CentOS lettering is executed in a bold modern sans-serif typeface with thick smooth lines, rounded angles, and distinct edges. The boldness of the lines and sharp cuts of the contours make the inscription look progressive and powerful, evoking a sense of determination and stability and showing the quality of the product as the number one value of the brand.